Contract Research Organizations

By securely scanning your network’s de-identified patient population against protocol criteria, our technology identifies those sites with the most patients matching open clinical trial needs, expediting subject fulfillment activities in a cost effective, highly agile manner.
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Study Sites

Patient iP applies a sponsor’s inclusionary and exclusionary criteria to a site’s EHR data to achieve rapid clinical trial matching, leading to efficient enrollment. Usage of our unique technology enables sites to more easily provide patients with state-of-the-art treatment options.
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Life Sciences

About 80% of clinical trials miss enrollment deadlines. Patient iP provides the technology necessary to overcome the patient matching challenges behind missed deadlines. Timely execution is vital to overall success, generating insight and facilitating ongoing innovation.
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Recent News

Winner of the 2016 Microsoft Health Innovation Award

The Patient identification Platform (Patient iP) automates the historically time-intensive process of clinical trial matching for subject participation. The Platform securely de-identifies and aggregates electronic health record data so that clinical trial protocols can be automatically processed, rapidly identifying where and how many patients match the criteria requirements. View Release