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Learn about our daTAscape, powered by the Connected Site Network, and Eligibility Engine for real-time participant matching

Patient iP bridges gaps between research sites, life sciences and contract research organizations to achieve one common goal: streamlining and accelerating trial design, site selection and participant identification to bring  therapies to market faster and more cost effectively.

For Sponsors

  • Informed Site Selection
  • Responsive Protocol Design
  • Direct Path to Patients to Increase Success

Precise Design and Execution

Real World Data-Based

Better Risk Mitigation

Leverage Latest AI & NLP Technologies

For Sites

  • Attach More Trials
  • Automate Patient Identification
  • Streamline Internal Workflows and Enroll Patients Faster


Power by the Connected Site Network

The most advanced solution aggregating disparate data sources which can be mined via the Patient iP Eligibility Engine to drive faster feasibility, responsive protocol modeling and objective site selection.

Over 14 Million Unique, Longitudinal Patient Lives

More Than 4,000 Connected Sites

Nearly 100 Therapeutic Areas Represented

Recent News

Winner of the 2016 Microsoft Health Innovation Award

The Patient identification Platform (Patient iP) automates the historically time-intensive process of clinical trial matching for subject participation. The Platform securely de-identifies and aggregates electronic health record data so that clinical trial protocols can be automatically processed, rapidly identifying where and how many patients match the criteria requirements.