EMR-agnostic data integration, including discrete and non-discrete data, deriving a longitudinal view for up to 80% automated criteria matching capabilities

Longitudinal Clinical Data

More visibility into relevant longitudinal clinical history, including labs, meds, biomarkers and procedural data.

Limited, partially redacted, views of patient clinical history fail to give the biggest picture view of overall health status unlike ambulatory data.

Sponsors Benefit

Visibility to actual clinical sites for subject identification and capture before they reach larger health and research networks.

Gain competitive advantage by finding patients before they enroll elsewhere or receive contraindicated treatment at an academic facility.

Sites Benefit

Newfound ability to simultaneously process patient data against inclusion/exclusion criteria to yield a ranked cohort.

Be identified for more trials, while maximizing your EMR investment with our advanced analytic tools for greater population insight.


Powered by the Connected Site Network

Our Network is unique as it is primarily comprised of clinical practices (general and specialty) seeking new treatments and revenue sources. The Patient iP technology allows sites to surface EMR data, even outside the research area, maximizing that significant investment to open up new opportunities for the practice and patients alike.


Over 18 M Unique Longitudinal Patient Lives


More Than 6,000 Connected Sites


Nearly 180 Theraputic Areas Represented

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We Take Security and Privacy Seriously

The Patient iP solution and network have been expertly reviewed and validated by both internal and external security professionals to ensure that our governance rules and policies meet or exceed HIPAA standards. Our security and compliance teams are dedicated to maintaining data governance, security and privacy to prevent exposure of PHI/PI.

Patient iP is an interconnected health information platform accelerating the provision of data insight needed for transformative research, development and market placement of new therapies.