Accelerate protocol modeling and then identify sites with the right patients

Design Effective Protocols

Protocol design with responsive feedback based on feasibility

Easily visualize the impact of eligibility criteria changes

Improve Site Selection

Immediately see the sites that have patients matching I/E criteria

Leverage the value of both structured and unstructured data

Path to Patients

Provide sites with automatic visibility into identified patients

Improve recruitment efficiency without additional overhead


Powered by the Connected Site Network

The most advanced solution aggregating disparate data sources and mined via our eligibility engine, for responsive protocol modeling and objective site selection.


Over 18 Million Unique, Longitudinal Patient Lives


Over 6,000 Connected Sites


Nearly 180 Therapeutic Areas Represented

Enjoy access to millions of potential participants, including those with rare diseases

Decrease the need for rescue by proactively identifying sites with actual matching patients

Easily project rates at which patients match protocol criteria in real-time

Patient iP is an interconnected health information platform accelerating the provision of data insight needed for transformative research, development and market placement of new therapies.